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Nine easy ways to wear sarongs

wear sarongs
If you are planning a tropical vacation, consider using a sarong as a great all-purpose garment to take along. It is lightweight, packs flat in your luggage, and is easy to dress up or down for any occasion. However, if you have never worn a sarong before, you probably need some help figuring out the best ways to tie a sarong.

It's a very comfortable yet very simple garment -- just a large piece of fabric. It can be worn as a dress, a skirt, or even a beach cover-up depending on how it has been tied.

How to tie a sarong as a dress

Halter dress

Wrap your sarong across your upper back while pulling the ends around to the front. Cross the ends at the front so they overlap, Twist once, then tie in a knot. Fasten the ends behind your neck.

Tube dress

Fold the top carefully to cinch the sarong tightly around your upper body. Tie it into a knot, then roll it down a bit to ensure that it is secure.

Toga style dress

Hold both corners, tucking one end beneath your arm. Wind the rest around the other side of your body until it aligns with the first end on the other side of your shoulder. Pull both corners up around your shoulder and tie a double knot.

How to tie a sarong as a skirt

Long skirt

Wrap the sarong around your hips. Fasten the corners together into a knot, then shift the knot so it is placed over one hip.

Long wrap type skirt

Hold one corner in your hand, then wrap the rest of the sarong around your hips. (Slender people may need to wrap it around twice). Tie a knot.

Triangular skirt

Fold your sarong to create a triangle shape. Turn the sarong so the longest part of the triangle is at the top, then wrap it around your waist. Tie a knot.

For a short skirt or dress

Fold the sarong to the desired length before wrapping around your body.

Note: If folding the sarong over seems too bunchy and bulky, buy a half-length sarong to wrap and fasten as usual.

How to use a sarong tie

If you need a bit of extra support while tying your sarong, use a sarong tie. Draw one end of the sarong through each hole, then pull firmly to wedge the fabric in place. You can create a knot over the sarong tie if need be.

Sew your own sarong

If you want to try out a sarong, it is easy to make one at home before you set forth on your vacation. It isn't a difficult garment to make: measure yourself for the size fabric you need, and cut a big rectangle.

Tip: Use some soft ribbon or extra fabric to make interior ties that fasten in front.

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